By applying principles of high quality, patient-centered health care and excellent customer service, Apothecary provides superior pharmacy services with the personal attention that is often lost with the large chain pharmacies of today. 

Apothecary serves The Gulch and surrounding communities to provide quality prescription and nonprescription drug products, natural supplements, health care devices and supplies, select cosmetics and skin care products.  We also carry personal care and essential home items to cover unmet needs of the community.

Extensive research and vetting of each product line selected to be featured in Apothecary is carried out to ensure only the highest quality and most recommended items are available for purchase. We offer affordable natural, organic, non-GMO, and allergy-friendly items for patients who have chosen to live an alternative lifestyle.

Most importantly, the pharmacy will offer the availability of qualified, professional clinical pharmacists to counsel patients, monitor drug therapy, and serve as a resource to other health care professionals in maximizing our patient’s health outcomes and quality of life.