Keri claudel, BSN, RN, CANS

Also known as The Nashville Beauty Girl, Keri Claudel is the beauty and skin care expert at Apothecary Nashville. As a registered nurse and board certified aesthetic nurse specialist, she has over a decade of experience in the non-surgical cosmetic anti-aging world. This also includes a special niche in all cosmetic facial injectables, chemical peels, lasers, and medical grade skin care.

Keri has built her impressive reputation through her ongoing education and by mastering facial balance with a gifted artistic eye to safely obtain natural, non-surgical, anti-aging results. Her clients trust her undoubtedly. She is a beauty influencer with a large, world-wide clientele, including A-list celebrities and top fashion bloggers, and is the leading cosmetic injector in the Southeast.

Keri believes in quick, creative, and affordable combination beauty treatments that are easy to maintain and exclusive to each clients’ needs. She enjoys educating via “beauty talks” to all her clients so they can fully understand exactly what treatments are needed to transform their best face results. 

Keri lives in Nashville and Florida with her husband Dr. Drew Claudel (a.k.a. Dr. Drew), her daughter Chloe, and their two pugs, June and Junior. Keri wears many hats. She is a wife, mother, beauty influencer, writer, soon-to-be podcaster, and supporter of sexual abuse victims and preventing sexual violence. 

Follow Keri on Instagram @thenashvillebeautygirl to become a part of her beauty world!